2.6: Dear Mari

12-27-15_1-46-54 PM

Dear Mari,

Okay so first, you need to find a better hiding place for your special book. It was SO easy to find, just like when we found daddy’s last year!

Second, I am NOT a dummkopf! And I’m gonna tell mamãe and daddy all the mean stuff you’re sayin’ about me!


I’m gonna tell him unless you do all my chores for FOREVER.


Carolina (who is NOT a dummkopf!!!!)

12-27-15_1-58-40 PM 12-27-15_1-59-05 PM


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40 Responses to 2.6: Dear Mari

  1. EddieSims says:

    Hahaha. That was funny!

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  2. Senna says:

    *Sees last two screenshots*

    Uh oh. 😮

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  3. julyvee94 says:

    Lol loved this. Typical sisterly love!

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  4. maladi777 says:

    Oh. And she looked like a little angel, like the good one of those two. Still waters run deep as they say.

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  5. silentwolfy101 says:

    Oh geez, Lina… I have a feeling she’s gonna get it later on. Lol. But yay! I like how you incorporate all the characters. :3

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  6. iveretree says:

    Hahahahahahaha that was great XD

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  7. Bunny Wong says:


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  8. peacesign101 says:

    Did you lie to me? ;-; I thought there would be no chapter with Lina’s P.O.V. lol just kidding 😉
    Great chapter it was hilarious! Reminds of how my sister and I used to fight XD

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  9. raerei says:

    Favorite chapter ever!

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  10. Spottydog714 says:

    lol. Carolina! You shouldn’t be nosing in your sisters diary. But she did deserve it for calling you a ‘dummkopf’

    Great chapter Citizen, it was so funny! I think this is my favourite chapter so far too…

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  11. theplumbob says:

    Hahahaha this was awesome! Go Lina! 😀

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  12. ninjapigsims says:

    And the sibling rivalry continues! XD

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  13. Jes2G says:

    Haaaaaaa! I LOVE this! lol

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  14. Virtualee says:

    Too cute LMAO

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  15. Bahahahahahahaha! EPIC! XD

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  16. rinellie says:

    XD Oh, my goodness. Adorable.

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  17. Simslover163 says:

    Uh oh, Carolina got caught red handed by Mari! I can’t believe she would write that Mari loves Diego! xD

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  18. Oh man….merde is gonna hit the fan…

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  19. Ok, I laughed XD that is such a sister thing to do!

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  20. theceltygirly says:

    These two are the best! Lina, you are me. I’m the annoying little sister that read my sister’s journal. It was great.

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  21. skcaga6 says:

    Best short chapter ever!

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    • CitizenErased14 says:

      Oh yay, you’re here! 🙂 I hope you enjoy following Lucas’ descendants in A2A! I’ll just warn you right now that it quickly turns into essentially a sim-soap opera and stays that way for the rest of forever. The first gen and the start of gen 2 are a lie to lull you into a false sense of security … 😛 Hehe

      Thank you again for reading. It means so much! ❤

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