2.6: Dear Mari

12-27-15_1-46-54 PM

Dear Mari,

Okay so first, you need to find a better hiding place for your special book. It was SO easy to find, just like when we found daddy’s last year!

Second, I am NOT a dummkopf! And I’m gonna tell mamãe and daddy all the mean stuff you’re sayin’ about me!


I’m gonna tell him unless you do all my chores for FOREVER.


Carolina (who is NOT a dummkopf!!!!)

12-27-15_1-58-40 PM 12-27-15_1-59-05 PM



46 thoughts on “2.6: Dear Mari

    1. Hehehe thanks!!!! ^_^ And nice to see you here commenting! I love seeing my familiar D2D readers ❤ Thank you for reading!


  1. lol. Carolina! You shouldn’t be nosing in your sisters diary. But she did deserve it for calling you a ‘dummkopf’

    Great chapter Citizen, it was so funny! I think this is my favourite chapter so far too…

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    1. Oh yay, you’re here! 🙂 I hope you enjoy following Lucas’ descendants in A2A! I’ll just warn you right now that it quickly turns into essentially a sim-soap opera and stays that way for the rest of forever. The first gen and the start of gen 2 are a lie to lull you into a false sense of security … 😛 Hehe

      Thank you again for reading. It means so much! ❤

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