1.20: Something Wonderful

Well… Last time I wrote anything in here, I said I felt like it was time for a change.

And things have definitely been changing around here… Just not in the way I’d been expecting.

I thought I’d have quit my job a long time ago by now. Instead, I’m working more hours than ever to save up money for the baby, and to pay for the renovations on our house.


We added a second bedroom, and made the kitchen a little bigger. Nothing major, but it really put a dent in our savings account. And now that Jade’s on maternity leave, well… Let’s just say I’ve been seeing the inside of that ridiculous mascot costume a lot more than I’d like.

And speaking of Jade… She hasn’t been having the easiest time with this whole thing. Really sick… Tired too. The doctor’s been having her try to take it easy, and I think things are getting a little better. But I worry about her sometimes.


Not to mention her mood being a little, uh… unpredictable. I mean, just last night she screamed at me for eating the leftover cheeseburger without asking her first. Seriously? And then afterward, she cried for an hour and wouldn’t stop apologizing…

Crazy, right?

Well, at least it’s keeping things interesting.

Anyway, she may be driving me totally crazy right now, but despite everything, I really feel like I love her more than ever. God, that’s the oldest cliché in the book, isn’t it? But… it’s true. When I look at her, I don’t just see my wife anymore, you know? I see our child… Our future. And it’s just, well… amazing.


A few days ago, our friends threw us a “baby shower” out on The Bluffs… which quickly turned into a pretty wild dance party – the kind we hadn’t had since before we were married.


It was so much fun, and I loved having the old gang all together again, but… I kinda realized that I don’t miss those kind of nights nearly as much as I thought I did. And I guess Jade doesn’t either.

I remember the feeling of her soft palm against my wrist as she shouted over the music to me. “Wanna get out of here?”

I accepted the invitation eagerly, though I guess I felt a little bad ditching our party like that… But I also figure our friends were so busy getting drunk without us that they probably didn’t even notice we slipped away.

Anyway, Jade led me away from all the lights and music to a beautiful open spot out on the cliffs, by the bonfire. It was almost the exact same spot where I’d asked her to marry me four years ago. We stood there together for a long time, just talking – a little bit about our past… But mostly about our future, and the beautiful child we’d soon be welcoming into our lives.

12-15-15_7-43-38 PM

As we stood together by the fire, I just felt so happy. And so hopeful, too.

12-15-15_7-44-21 PM

I thought about all the amazing possibilities that lay ahead of us now. For me… and Jade… and our family.

This is the start of something wonderful.

I can feel it.


21 thoughts on “1.20: Something Wonderful

  1. This is touching, especially the bonfire scene. Can’t wait to get Get Together, so that I can have my Sim couples snuggle near a bonfire.

    Anyway, I hope Jade’s pregnancy goes smooth and I look forward to seeing the nooboo! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brace yourself for Gen 2! 😉 Gen 1 was all casual and fluffy and then the drama and super scripted storylines hit you like a smack in the face… You have been warned 😉

      Hehehe thank you SO much for reading!!!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha that’s a lofty goal!!! Pace yourself! Gen 3 especially is very long (they get longer and longer as they go… Whoops! Lol). No pressure to catch all the way up! Thanks again for reading 😀

          Liked by 1 person

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