1.16: Gone

It happened so quickly.


I tried to stop it… But it was spreading so fast. We had to get out.


This notebook was one of the only things I was able to grab before we rushed outside and watched the home we’d worked so hard for go up in flames.


We lost everything.


It’s gone.



46 thoughts on “1.16: Gone

  1. Okay, story time! XD (Note: This will completely destroy the ‘illusion’ of the story hehe fair warning!)

    So, when I decided I was tired of having Alex sleep in a tent, I wanted to give him and Jade a real little house to live in. My plan was to download a ‘shell’ that I could furnish/decorate myself from the gallery, but their funds were so low that I couldn’t even afford the shell I wanted! So I decided I’d build him a square little shack for now, and then have them do some “renovations” later.

    I was sitting there screenshotting when the fire happened. Not a huge deal, of course. Alex put it out easily. But it made for some ‘exciting’ screenshots. Well then guess what happened? LITERALLY (I swear to God) less than five minutes after taking those fire screenshots, my game crashed completely and I lost about three hours of playing and screenshotting time! I was SO mad!

    So after calming down, my solution was to take the fire screenshots but make things end badly XD Then I cheated Alex’s money up to where it had been when I built the shack, but instead of re-building it (because I was really mad and really didn’t want to XD), I had him and Jade keep making money until I could actually afford a shell or tiny starter. And then the fire would act as a good excuse for why their shack mysteriously vanished and they suddenly had a new and nicer house later. 😛

    So… That’s why this happened XD (And it’s so short because, y’know, Alex is super devastated at losing everything, so I feel like he’d feel too ‘numb’ to write much more than this). Okay I’m done now!

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  2. Nice. Don’t you just love when unexpected things happen in game that forces you to change the plot in way you wouldn’t have thought making the story more interesting? Well, except for game crashes. I hate when the game crashes and you lose all of your progress. Glad it still worked out though.

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    1. Hahahaha yeah, I was actually happy that I got those fire screenshots. It was kind of funny! And the fire angle definitely adds a bit of drama 😉 (By the way, hello and thank you for reading! 🙂 )

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    2. Ooh, and you’re reading D2D too! (I just noticed your “like” there :P) Thank you! That story is my “baby” (and is something of a ‘prequel’ to this story). I will warn you, this story will have Dust to Dust spoilers in it (kinda indirectly), So I apologize in advance for that haha. Thank you for reading that story too! 🙂 Okay I’m done gushing to you hehe

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    1. Haha sorry! But I felt like I should give an explanation XD Thankfully nothing else like this happened (so far!) so any other twists you see will be all me, not the game hehe

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  3. Oh no! The shots are amazing though! Bummer about the game crashing, made me realize how lucky I am when mine crashes because the laptop shuts off (I think, screen goes black) but all I do his wait a few minutes and hit the power button and ta-da I’m back in game. Doesn’t help I’m terrible at saving. I can’t wait to see what their new house looks like!!

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  4. Awwww, poor Alex. But, hey! That’s a great way to salvage the story!

    Here’s a little tip: Perhaps find a mod that reminds you to save every now and again. :3

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  5. Oh my gosh. In my very first legacy (TS3), I had my founder sitting on a toilet outside and she got hit with a meteor. I kind of went hysterical when she died. I mean, I was only playing for like 30 minutes, but still.

    And that, my friend, is how my first legacy came and went. So, let’s just say I understand your frustration XD

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  6. I got chills.
    I mean, fire is in pretty much every legacy ever because freaking sims, but this just made my heart go “Oh.” We saw him build up that darn little lot for 15 chapters and then BOOM
    Way to go, Satan XD

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    1. Hahahaha the fire was accidental! 😛 At this point, I was like 50% game-driven, and the fire happened and right afterwards, my game crashed and I hadn’t save it with the little tiny house, so I had to say the fire destroyed the whole house… hehehehe

      From gen 2 onward though, I switch over to 100% plot-driven and control about 95% of what happens (there are a few unexpected things that occur in-game that I work in though :P) so then you may call me Satan when bad things happen… because in that case they were totally made by me hehe


  7. Your a sly one! I felt bad for them until I read your side note 📝 and then I totally could relate to the anger (my game has crashed after hours of play in which I forget to repeatedly save 🤦🏽‍♀️) and instantly got happy knowing they would get “insurance money” for a bigger and better house 🏡 😁

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    1. Hehehehe yeah, it was so fun to work this into the story! the good old days when this legacy was game-driven… That ended really, really quickly LMAO You’ll see 😉 😀 Thanks again for reading!

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  8. i can relate. my very first legacy my sim decied he wanted a a stove. only a man would ant a stove with no cooking skill, so not only did the stove catch fire but he died .

    thats why it was never offically a legacy it only lasted 7 sim days so i had no time to write it up.

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