1.15: Life is Good

So, as promised, I’m writing this from inside our house, under our roof. It still feels so surreal to say that…

I feel like there are so many ‘little things’ I didn’t even realize I was missing out on before. I think one of the biggest is getting to cook real food on a real stove. I’d love to be able to say I miss roasting cheap hotdogs over a campfire every night, but… Yeah, that sucked.


Bjorn was such a huge help getting us set up in the new place. I seriously have no idea what I would have done without him. And he even got us a bit of a housewarming gift – our own chess table. He’s been having a lot of fun kicking my butt at it a few times already… Guess I’ve been getting a little rusty.


Anyway, the new house isn’t the only excitement we’ve had – Jade finally got the promotion she’s been working her ass off for… And I couldn’t be happier for her.


I’ve felt so guilty about how well things have been going for me at that job… Because after all this time, I still really hate it. Jade’s the one who’s ambitious and driven – who really loves what she does, and wants to make a career out of it. Honestly, I’m just going through the motions for the cash. I’m not sure I can put up with it for much longer. I came to Windenburg to try to find what I was meant to do with my life, and I can tell you this much – it’s not being a businessman. That’s for sure.

But you know what? None of that matters now. I have plenty of time to figure out what to do with my career. For now, what matters is that I finally have a roof above my head and a beautiful woman to share the rest of my life with.


In short, life is good. Really good.

I just hope it stays that way.


19 thoughts on “1.15: Life is Good

    1. Your comment is making me laugh very hard right now but I cannot say why… XD (also, you really don’t want to see haha it’s awful 😛 I couldn’t afford to download a “shell” yet, so I literally built them a square shack with only a bathroom and one room for everything else XD)

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    1. Hahaha you are very sweet 🙂 And yes, I have daily updates scheduled through January 9th right now! The plan is daily updates for as long as I can! I can’t guarantee it will be forever, but for now, daily chapters it is! ^_^

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