1.13: The Answer

I took Bjorn’s advice, and I did it.


It was absolutely terrifying.


But I did it.


It’s been over a year and a half since I left home, and I still remember wondering whether coming here would be the biggest mistake I’ve ever made, or the greatest decision of my life…

Well, after all this time, I think I finally know the answer.


42 thoughts on “1.13: The Answer

  1. Dawwwwww, it’s adorable! . I feel like it was almost too short… I’d have loved to see the actual wedding in here as well. :3


    1. Hahaha they don’t get married for about 5 more chapters 🙂 (that one is a very short one too!) Haha I feel like Alex would take a short and sweet approach to these big moments.In future generations we will probably get longer engagement and wedding chapters XD) Thanks for reading!

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        1. That’s what Jade said? Ahhhh I’m just as bad XD There will be longer wedding chapters in the future 🙂 Journal-style makes it hard hahaha. Especially like with Alex, he’s writing it the night of his wedding so he’s tired and doesn’t have a lot of time to write more than just a few sentences. And in the case of today’s chapter, I think he’s so excited and happy that he’s kinda at a loss for words haha

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          1. Yeah, I understand. And yes, journal style is hard. I imagine, in journal style, taking some photos from the wedding and pasting them in the journal on one of those corner-holder-frame-thingies… Might have to find and example and show you… Because I suck at explaining in words. (Funny, because I’m a writer as well…)

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    1. Yay, another TeamJalex person 😛 Hehehe some people didn’t want them together because of her promiscuous ways, buttttt she really loves him and changed for him ❤ I love them together 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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    1. LOL!!!! Your comment is accurate hahaha I have noticed that their mouth shapes seem to work together pretty well compared to other sims. See? Meant to be 😉

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    1. Thanks! The bluffs are GORGEOUS with that ocean background! I think Humberto and Kaliani need to go there together… 😉 Hahahaha (and push Isabella off the cliff!!!)


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