1.9: Perfect

Everything’s so different now, ever since the night I gave Jade that rose.

Different in a good way, of course. A very good way. You could definitely say things are, uh… ‘heating up’ a bit between us.


Okay, maybe more than just a bit.

Whenever we’re together, it’s like I can’t keep my hands off her. I just look at her and… I guess I can’t help it.

I mean, damn. She’s perfect. The most perfect girl I’ve ever met in my life. And I want to enjoy every inch of that perfection any chance I get.

I was so terrified the first time. But then, I guess everyone probably is, huh? Afterward, she kept telling me that it was good, but I have a feeling she was just trying to be nice.

Since then I’ve definitely had plenty of practice though.

Lots of it.


And a very, uh… skilled teacher…


Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life. But there’s this nagging question in the back of my mind that I just can’t seem to shake off.

Jade and I have such a great thing going here… But what is this thing anyway? It’s been a few weeks now, and I’m still not sure. I can’t help thinking back to that first night when I met her friends, and she confessed about all their casual hookups. “It’s nothing serious.” She’d told me.

But what about us? Are we serious? Is she still banging those other guys when I’m not around? I can’t help but worry about it. And not because of those stupid diseases they always warn you about, or any crap like that.

I just worry because I don’t want this to be some stupid fling. I want this to mean something to her.

Because Jade means everything to me.

And I don’t want to share her with anyone else.

37 thoughts on “1.9: Perfect

  1. Alright, I’ll be honest… That ending’s adorable…

    I think I might possibly be starting to get on the Jalex (Jay-lex) ship… Yeah, I like that. Jalex ship…

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    1. I love him a lot, I must say. Second fave after Lucas (I love my male characters so much Hahahaha) ❤ So hopefully he will never change! 😉 Thanks for reading Jenn 🙂


    1. I’m glad you like them together!!! And that you think Alex is cute 😛 We will get a more concrete answer about the future of their relationship in just a couple more chapters! 🙂

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    1. Hahahahaha! I was waiting for someone to point that out 😛 I dunno, somehow, caring out STDs does not seem to be in Alex’s character… So I decided to have him just brush it off like that XD Let’s hope he never learns the hard way just how real they are… o_O LOL!

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    1. Haha he is sweet ❤ Jade isn't as bad as everyone thinks though, I promise 😛 She is a very nice girl… Just a bit of a party girl too 😉 But maybe she'll change for him! 😛


  2. Hmm what kind of diseases can a sim get…let’s ponder this for a moment…simcrabs….the llama herps…the bunnarea…eek that sounds pretty terrible, I hope he is being safe…::hands Alex condoms::

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  3. Thank you so much!!! That’s very sweet of you ^_^ There is a lot of drama happening starting in Gen 2, so enjoy this lightness while it lasts… 😛 I appreciate you reading !!!


        1. It’s so sad! Hahaha I will admit that, since this turns into a fully scripted story, I cheat and have aging off BUT that makes it almost worse because when the time comes for them to die, you have to actually force it to happen yourself 😮 Why do I do this to myself??? Hahaha

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  4. I both love their relationship and am also wondering if it’s sincere. You definitely know how to string on a reader with the way you end, because I keep reading instead of going to sleep. I want it to work QAQ I want her to not sleep with anyone else because she likes him. Don’t break Alex’s heart 😦

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    1. Hopefully things will end well! It’s definitely risky right now… She’s a party girl for sure! (Also, sleep if you need to 😛 The story will still be here tomorrow 😉 )


  5. Super late to the party but I’m still gonna comment! Lolz

    Seems like Alex thinking is going a little to the left, and he might ruin it with all these second guessing.

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    1. I’m so happy to have you reading, EmmaLee! 😀 I know you’re a big Thoreau fan, so I think you will enjoy one of my later generations *loud coughing*

      Yeah, poor Alex is having a hard time, because he’s quite “traditional” and Jade most certainly is not… So lots of second-guessing and uncertainty on his part right now! Poor guy. (Goodness, I miss him, so I love you commenting about him haha nostalgia! <3)

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  6. opposites attract. hes kind of shy and reserved………….and she isn’t. lol. but i love that he accepts who she is without judgement. of course spending most of the time in the closet probably helps with that.

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    1. Ha! Yes, these two were such opposites… and complimented each other very well! They certainly loved that time spent in the closet… 😉


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