1.2: When in Rome…

I’ve only been here for three nights and somehow, I already ended up at a pretty sweet party. Guess things are going better than I thought!

Now, to be clear, it’s not like I was actually invited or anything… Believe it or not, I showed up to complain! I have no idea what the Hell had gotten into me… Is twenty too young to start acting like your parents? God, this is actually kind of embarrassing. I really hope I’m the only one who ends up reading all this…

Anyway, that jetlag really got to me, and for the first couple days, I really didn’t do much – just eat and sleep. I wanted to go out and meet people, see the city… But I was just too damn tired. So tired, in fact, that when the chatter of excited voices and booming of heavy bass woke me up from a sound sleep, I was angry.  And I decided to do something about it.

I rolled out of my sleeping bag, threw on my clothes, and stormed off through the woods to find the party and give them a piece of my mind.

When I finally tracked down the source of all the noise, I expected to find more than just a handful of partygoers, but that’s all there were, really. Less than a dozen of them, laughing, drinking, dancing… and making a Hell of a lot of noise doing it.


But as I walked through the crowd and tried to explain as nicely as I could that their party was keeping me up, I realized something – Almost none of these people spoke English, and my German was so abysmal that every time I tried to express my concerns, I was rewarded with happy smiles and beer after beer shoved into my hand.

And that’s when I decided ‘Screw it. When in Rome…’

Or I guess in this case, ‘When in Windenburg…”




32 thoughts on “1.2: When in Rome…

    1. Thanks! Of course, the real story was much less exciting… *breaks the illusion completely* because I’m actually using one of my D2D saves, Krysti, Mitch, Danica, and Evelyn are still in Newcrest. Evelyn called Alex and invited him to that party XD She was there the whole time, I had to be careful not to show her 😛 (that’s been happening a lot, actually! Alex’s family from back home in Newcrest casually show up around Windenburg allllll the time XD)

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      1. I have a love hate relationship with that! I like that when someone “leaves” in the story that they are actually still around, but I hate it because they show up EVERYWHERE and photo bomb me!

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  1. OMG, German… I’ve never learned German, I learned Spanish. XD And my goodness, he’s cute. XD

    It’s very hard to read when a kitten keeps attacking your ears… XD

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      1. My kitty does not want to cooperate with me. He just wants to lay on my arms and attack my ears. XD Brat.

        And I love him too! If he weren’t a sims 4 simmy, I would probably beg to be able to download him… XD

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    1. Hahaha all my chapters of this legacy are super short! Sorry! Haha I decided to try my hand at super short chapters for a change, compared to dust to dust! Thanks for reading! 🙂


  2. Awesome party!! Wish this chapter could be longer.

    Despite that I don’t have Get Together, I’ve had a sneak peak all the Windenburg premades and I have to say, Candy is so cute in that screenshot where Alex is talking to her. (I’m assuming?) 🙂

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    1. Yes, that’s Candy and yes, Alex was talking to her! ^_^ (And ooh yeah, I should warn you, my Ashes to Ashes chapters are like 1/3 the length of my D2D ones. :P)

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  3. “I really hope I’m the only one who ends up reading all this…”
    Well do I have some news for you X3
    I like your use of italics, maybe I’m just saying it because it’s something I like to do in one of the book series I’ve written, but it’s a good way to emphasize things. Pfft

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  4. It’s weird to be back at the beginning. I’m not going to entirely read through everything, just kinda skim. I can still read like that, but then I can get back to where I was quicker. I hardly even remember Alex at this point. The whole first gen is kind of a blur. Gen 2 is when things really picked up.

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